Albir, Altea, Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Alicante.

Just a lovely place in the Spanish sun.
Alfaz Del Pi with the beach Playa del Albir and the neighboring resorts Altea and Benidorm, Sport, travel, hotel booking, blog and some IT services

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  • Benidorm without tourists
    Benidorm without tourists, can it be more boring than April 2021?
  • Browsing Experience Security Check
    Browsing Experience Security CheckHow secure is your browsing experience? Test: what if, Secure DNS shows red colour! even if flags and everything seems okAnd if you […]
  • Cloudflare the perfect toolbox
    Cloudflare the perfect toolbox I just love Cloudflare, it’s like a swiss army knife of tools, hard to find all that features in one single place, I […]
  • If you need more activities
    If you need more activities So if you are tired of the beach and need some real activities, go for a walk in the mountains, I’ll give […]
  • Force sync of Microsoft account
    Force sync of Microsoft account! What to do if your Microsoft account stop synchronizing?This is common especially if you change password on Microsoft and you use RDP […]
  • Do you put code in WP functions.php? well don´t
    Do you put code in WP functions.php? well don´t Put it in a site plugin instead, functions file will change with the template at updates and probably […]
  • Should you use a CDN to get more speed?
    Should you use a CDN to get more speed? It is a good question, will your website be faster, or will it be slower? Let us look […]
  • Leverage Browser Caching
    Leverage Browser Caching This is a simple way to start caching in browsers and proxies, important to get some speed in your website, this is step one […]
  • Tennis
    It’s quite cheap and easy to rent a tennis court for a couple of hours and play with friends, good excersise and fun, remember to bring a […]
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