Cloudflare the perfect toolbox

Cloudflare the perfect toolbox

I just love Cloudflare, it’s like a swiss army knife of tools, hard to find all that features in one single place, I will make some posting about my experience, both good and bad of course, but in general I’ll say it’s a perfect service, some say well you don’t get that much on a free account, I’ll say you get a lot even on the free accounts, let me show you below ok!


A fast secure DNS service, good enough for any regular company internet presence

For your web site

Scrape Shield

Protect content on your site
Why use Email Address Obfuscation?
Email harvesters and bots are roaming the Internet looking for email addresses to add to their spam lists. Cloudflare’s Email Address Obfuscation encrypts email addresses on your web pages. This means that email addresses are hidden from harvesters and bots, but still visible to human visitors.

Server-side Excludes

Automatically hide specific content from disreputable visitors.

<!–sse–>Disreputable visitors won’t see this<!–/sse–>

Hotlink Protection

Protect your images from off-site linking.

Page rules

Example for a wp-site with proper origin host header cache-control, see some examples on earlier posts

1.   *

Disable Security, SSL: Full, Rocket Loader: Off, Browser Cache TTL: a year, Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: a month, Opportunistic Encryption: On, Disable Apps


Browser Integrity Check: On, SSL: Full, Rocket Loader: Off, Security Level: High, Cache Level: Bypass, Disable Apps


Cache Level: Cache Everything, Origin Cache Control: On

Auto Minify

Reduce the file size of source code on your website.


Speed up page load times for your visitor’s HTTPS traffic by applying Brotli compression.

Rocket Loader

(be careful on wordpress and try if it works with your WP )

Improve the paint time for pages which include JavaScript.


Accelerate delivery of dynamic content.

Firewall Rules

Control incoming traffic to your zone by filtering requests based on location, IP address, user agent, URI, and more.
I will make some special posts about this great feature!

IP Access Rules

IP Access Rules can be based on IP address, IP address range, Autonomous System Number (ASN) or country.
I will make some special posts about this great feature!

IP Geolocation

Include the country code of the visitor location with all requests to your website.

Maximum Upload Size

The amount of data visitors can upload to your website in a single request.

TLS v1.3

Compared to TLS 1.2, TLS 1.3 offers improved speed. The faster speed for encrypted connections stems from features such as Zero Round Trip Time (0-RTT). In the past, TLS 1.2 required two round-trips to finish a TLS handshake. … This reduces encryption latency

Origin Certificates

Generate a free TLS certificate signed by Cloudflare to install on your origin server.
Origin Certificates are only valid for encryption between Cloudflare and your origin server.

All of these base functions help to both protect your website and take load off the origin server, and you still haven’t paid anything, remember to come back and check out my firewall examples soon!

Have a nice day

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